Headquartered in beautiful San Diego, RGOC is a unique media services company providing research and development, media strategies, platform development, and fractional media management expertise to domestic and international clients. RGOC also publishes Physicians News Network and Los Angeles Medicine Magazine. Through its investment arm, RGOC engages with a global network of affiliated media businesses. 

We bring to our clients a team of experienced and agile media professionals with extensive backgrounds in both the content side of media - from the role of traditional journalism to contemporary content marketing - and the increasingly complex business of creating, managing, growing, and leveraging a media presence either as a stand-alone business or, as is increasingly common, an operating unit of an existing business. 






Today, every company must be a media company, regardless of the market they serve. Media mastery is central to almost every area of your enterprise, whether you are a nonprofit, a small family business or a Fortune 500 company. However, media, with all its complexities, is not a core competency for most businesses.

What is media?


Media is any content, format, tool or technology that connects your company with its audience: customers and prospects, current and prospective team members, shareholders, vendors, supporters, regulators, and legislators and engages them with your messaging. 





"I’ve had the privilege to work with Reo Carr and Sheri Carr for literally decades.  As the CEO of the Los Angeles County Medical Association representing nearly 30,000 physicians in possibly the most diverse county in the US, the need to have a strategic, creative, trusted resource is vital to our success. 


Research Group has essentially become our marketing, public relations, media relations and digital and print content division.  They play a pivotal role in campaigns, creating digital assets to help inform physicians on a variety of issues such as COVID 19 vaccine distribution.  They publish the quarterly magazine to ensure continuity in messaging.  I rely on them to write all aspects of media campaigns, manage the media and coordinate interviews and follow up.  We even tap into their abundance of talent to help design logos and brand identities. 


Our success with unprecedented growth is attributed, in part, to the work of Research Group."

—  Gustavo Friederichsen, Chief Executive Officer



DigitalVantage360 gives your organization the tools and techniques to effectively and efficiently manage your digital footprint, maximizing reach and impact with your target audiences and beyond. From Web sites to blogs, advertising, news coverage, social media, content marketing and much more, DigitalVantage360 provides unprecedented insight and control of your media environment, enabling your team to reach, influence, educate and engage your prospects, customers and stakeholders.  Seize the advantage - outperform your competition with DigitalVantage360.




RGOC brings together decades of media, marketing and technology expertise to deliver rock solid insight and guidance to our clients. From legacy print and broadcast media to contemporary social and streaming media, RGOC principals and associates have participated from the beginning in the digital revolution that has swept the media world and transformed the tools and techniques for reaching and engaging an audience. Whether you run a for-profit or non-profit entity, today you are in the media business. RGOC can show you how.




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