Metrics measure media. Indeed, one often used dividing line between old and new media is the direct, immediate measurability of new media. Old media relies of surveys, studies, logs and activity reporting by readers, viewers and listeners. New media, consumed on digital platforms, enables detailed real-time measurement of media as it is consumed. The content becomes the data. Today this goes far beyond page views and click-through rates.


Data is ubiquitous and available in such abundance that without a carefully planned structure and well defined outcome, the simple volume of data can overwhelm an organization, especially if data is used as the basis for media decisions or to support content creation.


RGOC provides expertise is metrics and data, assisting clients in focusing their data collection efforts while employing meaningful structure to data analysis to generate economically relevant outcomes.


RGOC provides the following data products:


Medical Value Index (MVI) |  The medical value index is a clinically-based measurement of medical value designed to assist consumers in making healthcare decision based on the best outcomes at the best price. With data from virtually every major hospital in the US, the Medical Value Index provides consumers with invaluable guidance in making all-important healthcare decisions. The MVI is delivered to consumers via Web-based media platforms.


Intel Ninja RealTime | Intel Ninja RealTime provides an unprecedented look at market activity based on Web site activity of a given group of competitors.